Bobcatsss 2024

Information Profession and Sustainable Development

Foto: Universidade de Coimbra | François Fernandes

BOBCATSSS is an international annual symposium which addresses hot topics in Library and Information Science field, in a fast-changing environment.

It is run by and for students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the information field. BOBCATSSS is held under the auspices of BOBCATSSS Association (former EUCLID – European Association for Library and Information Education and Research). 

The first BOBCATSSS symposium was held in 1993 in co-operation between the universities from Budapest, Oslo, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Stuttgart, Szombathely and Sheffield.

It is a tradition which has been passed on from one European country to another since 1993, providing a rich professional conference, accompanied by numerous opportunities for networking, personal exchanges, discussions, and learning. 

The 32nd BOBCATSSS will be held in between 23 and 25 January 2024 at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

BOBCATSSS 2024 is organized by the University of Coimbra – Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of Philosophy, Communication and Information and CEIS 20 – Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Coimbra, Portugal, the State University of São Paulo – UNESP, Marília, Brazil, and the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies – ULSIT, Sofia, Bulgaria.


23, 24 and 25 January 2024

University of Coimbra, Portugal